How does the X3 drive? 

...There’s no doubt the M40i would give a Macan GTS something to think about, and it’s £8k cheaper too. But in doing so it feels like the more highly strung machine. The steering is meatier and the rim itself chunkier than that fitted to our 30d test car, which detracts from the diesel’s easy-twirling fluidity...



The BMW X3 is a great all-rounder. It offers space, versatility, refinement and engaging driving dynamics, so much so that X5 owners might be tempted to downsize. It’s also good enough to drive that upsizing 3-series owners won’t feel short-changed.

Those wanting the ultimate performance hit will always lean towards the M40i, but we’d argue the 30d better showcases the X3’s impressive blend of abilities. That’s the X3 we’d buy.

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