I think most people would agree that it's never good when an automobile catches fire. Not only are the passengers lives in significant jeopardy, who wants to lose a vehicle in a flurry of flames?

Now, what is if it was a supercar worth about $2-2.5 million bucks? That just makes it all the more brutal.

For one unfortunate soul in the U.K., that very thing happened. That's because their McLaren P1 caught fire and, poof, no more. 

At the time of this writing there hasn't been any word from, well, anyone regarding this specific vehicle. From the very, very brief clip you see a trail of fluid that's approximately 30 feet long and then there's the bold blue P1 sitting the middle of the road. On fire. With the driver's side door fully open. 

We're hoping that the passenger(s) got out A OK and that no one was harmed in this instance. 


Another "quality" #McLaren product. Hope the driver was ok. #p1 #deathtrap

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