These are the words many of you have been waiting to hear.  Lexus has stormed SEMA 2017 with a platoon load of performance vehicles in an amazing show of force.

Everyone likes a winner and Lexus has represented that to the conservative buyer for a number of years. But now 10 years after the first F branded vehicle hit the market you can reap the fruit those seeds they have sown.

Lexus didn’t come to SEMA 2017 to participate, they came  to make a statement, and we want you to see up close and personal what we mean.  These concepts are stunning and the details are amazing.  But why am I talking when I can show you below?

The 2017 SEMA photo galleries are sponsored by Lexus.

SEMA Photo Gallery

SEMA Photo Gallery

#SEMA2017: Oh Snap! These Are The Best Shots You Are Going To See Of The Stunning Lexus SEMA 2017 Concepts

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