In recent months we've been keeping a close eye on McLaren. That's because there's been a bit of buzz surrounding its latest all-new endeavor. 

That would be a replacement for its mighty supercar, the P1. Dubbed the P15, research and development mules have been spotted out and about; however, its final form factor is still a bit of a question mark. 

As far as I know, no one has seen it. Yet. 

According to reports, the P15 will ditch the electric wizardry in favor of a traditional combustion set up. Power is expected to be greater than 750 horsepower but the P15 will benefit from the same twin-turbo, 4.0-liter V8 found in the 720S.

The latest seems to indicate that this vehicle will be McLaren's most extreme road-going machine yet and there will be little to no creature comforts for passengers. This will be a vehicle built with one purpose in mind: Pure, unadulterated speed. 

If this has you all tingly inside, we've got to be the bearer of bad news: Unfortunately, all 500 units allocated are rumored to be sold out.

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