As a long-time Volkswagen lover and hater, I have to say that this video speaks to me. Petrolicious has done it again. But, it's not only my love for Volkswagen.

It's my love for all autos. 

In this clip Petrolicious profiles Andrew Tucker who's the owner of a MK2 1990 VW Golf GTI 16V. While I find much of what he notes rings true about my daily driver, 2012 Golf 2.5, I found something else more intriguing.

It was his note about how this car brings him back to simpler days when his father would put him in the back of his GTI. Of course this got me thinking back to my early experiences with cars.

For me there's several autos that have me chasing nostalgia. I was curious: What are YOURS?

The Volkswagen Golf GTI defined and led the wave of hot hatchbacks, but it’s harder these days to find early generations of the People’s Sports Car without questionable backstories and odd modifications. Andrew Tucker put in the time to find the right car, and his clean and complete 16-valve Mk2 GTI is a due reward for his efforts. It is a cult classic preserved as it should be, and it’s 27 years later it still offers dollops of driving joy alongside the inescapable nostalgia.

VIDEO: Andrew's MK2 VW Golf GTI Has Him Chasing Nostalgia — WHICH Car Does It For YOU?

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