One of the most intriguing happenings of 2017 was the launch of the Tesla Model 3. While it's been a major let down that the electric vehicle manufacturer has not been able to ramp up its production to meet the incredible demand, it seems that there may be some daylight in the black hole that is Tesla. 

According to a Reddit user, his girlfriend's Model 3 has been scheduled for delivery. In fact, it was supposed to happen this week but apparently it was pushed back until Monday.

The user cites that he has been assigned a VIN — ending in 2079 — and that Tesla specifically asked for final payment. 

So, what to believe?

Seems legit to me. While rumors seem to hint that 10,000 customer cars were supposed to be doled out first, I wouldn't suspect that the Tesla team would keep eager customers waiting especially when it has a major public relations gaffe on its hands. 

That said, if you — or anyone else in your circle — is taking delivery of an all-new Tesla Model 3, let us know. We want to hear all about it!

Until then, we're curious: What do YOU make of this? Has Tesla finally gotten over its production hiccups?

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Has Tesla's RAMP UP Begun? Owner Claims Delivery Scheduled For MONDAY!

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