There's nothing quite like a really well designed automobile. When a beautiful automobile is created it draws people in. 

Take, for example, the Alfa Romeo 8C. Largely considered one of the most gorgeous modern day automobiles, it is not known to be one of the best driver's cars. That doesn't mean it isn't highly collectible. People fall over themselves to put one in their garage. 

Needless to say, design is important. 

So when I saw McLaren's latest creation, which was penned by Robert Melville, I had to stop for a bit. Well, longer than that. I looked over the all-new McLaren Senna, which is named after one of the most legendary Formula 1 drivers to ever grace the circuit and I was left disappointed. 

And I hate to write it because Melville is a tremendously nice fellow, but the all-new Senna isn't so easy on the eyes. 

After riding alongside an MP4-12C about two weeks ago, having had the chance to experience a couple 570 models, sample the 650S and see the 720S in the flesh, the Senna is a remarkable miss. Although I understand that the Senna is a track-focused auto that will serve only one purpose — to go as fast as possible around a circuit — it is truly dreadful to look at. It reminds me of two things: 1) A Gumpert Apollo, which also serves the same purpose; and, 2) a LEGO car. 

I know there's some serious geekiness going on here to ensure the Senna is an outstanding vehicle but, boy, I've got to turn away. Make mine a 720S with some nifty MSO handiwork.

What say YOU, Spies? Did McLaren BLOW IT with the all-new Senna's design?

McLaren Senna

In Terms Of Design ALONE, Did McLaren BLOW IT With The All-new Senna? Weigh In!

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