It's not uncommon for folks to wish for a white Christmas. And, I am pretty there's plenty of people wishing for a green Christmas. 

If you're not sure what I am on about, let me dial you in.

An elderly couple in their 80s, making a cross-country drive from northern California to Boston and Vermont, were stopped for erratic driving. When officers made the stop it turns out they had about $300,000 in raw marijuana located in their pick-up truck. 

According to reports, the couple said that the weed was for Christmas presents. Yikes.

60 pounds of herb equates to felony drug charges. That's pretty unhip when you're 80 and 83. 

...Deputies asked the driver, Patrick Jiron, about the odor, and he admitted to having contraband in the truck and consented to a search of the vehicle.

With the help of the county's canine unit, deputies searched the Toyota Tacoma. When they looked under the pickup topper, deputies found 60 pounds of marijuana, as well as multiple containers of concentrated THC.

"They said the marijuana was for Christmas presents," Lt. Paul Vrbka told the York News-Times. The department estimated the street value of the pot at over $300,000...

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If You're In The Northeast and Were Looking Forward To A GREEN Christmas, Your Hopes May Be Dashed

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