Tonight is the night when Santa slides down chimneys and make boys' and girls' dreams come true. Although I am pretty confident most of the folks here are a bit too old to be believers any longer, it still is arguably the year's biggest holiday.

That's because it's a time for folks to get together to feast and share their love for each other. It doesn't hurt to give and receive some killer gifts too.

All that said, the Agents want to extend a Merry Christmas from our families to yours. Enjoy the holiday surrounded by loving friends and family. 

And because this is most obviously a car enthusiast's paradise, I've decided to share a couple clips I've run across that should give you a bit of that holiday cheer. 

Had to be done! Having watched a few super car christmas tree videos last year we thought we would do one better. Shows how useable the road legal race winning F1 GTR is!!

If this is liked we will do some more stuff. Maybe post up the track footage which is bit more appropriate for the car!!

Discover the BMW E30 M3 Pickup that is TOO POWERFUL to help out – even at Christmas. Every tree will weaken when it drives on a M Automobile.

You like cars that are TOO POWERFUL? You’re TOO AMBITIOUS about your driving skills and TOO NERDY when it comes to motor talk? Then the all-new is your place to be.

Check out the all-new – where TOO MUCH is just right.

Merry Christmas! From The Agents' Families To Yours!

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