Unfortunately, 2018 has started off with some rather unwelcoming news for our friends in Buffalo. Today the area was dealing with some rather nasty winter weather, which triggered a multi-car accident.

This resulted in upwards of 100 cars being involved in the incident although reports have cited somewhere between 15 and 25 cars, and 10 tractor-trailers directly involved in collisions. This resulted in a one mile long back up, which we're confident only got larger.

As of about 6:30 p.m. ET it was confirmed that there was one fatality related to this wreck. In addition, one individual is fighting for their life tonight.

Our thoughts are with the families directly impacted by the incident. 

Be safe out there, Spies!

...State police say one person has died and one is seriously injured after several crashes involving numerous vehicles on the snowy New York State Thruway east of Buffalo...

...Trooper Michael Cassella in Albany says 15 to 25 cars and 10 tractor-trailers were involved in a series of collisions starting shortly before 2 p.m. Tuesday. He says weather was a contributing factor...

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MAJOR Car Crash In Buffalo Yields 1 Death, Involves About 20 Cars And Results In Mile-long Back Up

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