The Agents aren't playing around in 2018. 

While we've always taken the Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS) seriously, this year we're out for blood. Expect the very best pictures and information to be coming to you right here on 

Detroit Auto Show Photo Gallery

Although the show doesn't kick off until Monday, there are a couple event scheduled to take place tonight. One of the biggest is actually happening in a few moments. 

That would be the launch of the all-new Chevrolet Silverado.

As the pick-up truck wars have gotten even more intense in the past couple of years, the all-new Silverado has no choice but to step up its game. Though it is the second-best selling vehicle in America right now, the gap is wiiide between it and the Ford F-150. 

Can General Motors turn it around?

We'll find out in a few moments. 

Watch the livestream below.

The 2018 Detroit Auto Show photo galleries are sponsored by Lexus. 

Detroit Auto Show Photo Gallery

#NAIAS: LIVE! FIRST Pics Straight From The REVEAL Of The All-new 2019 Chevrolet Silverado In DETROIT

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