A spy has done it again. Friend of AutoSpies, Fred Khaz, was rolling around southern California and he ran across not one but two fully camouflaged vehicles. 


Caught roaming around in Orange County — more specifically, Irvine — these two camo’d vehicles are a little difficult to place at first. 

SPIED! Mystery Cars in SoCal

One is clearly a small, compact sedan. The other appears to be a mid-size sport-utility vehicle. 


Upon closer inspection and after analyzing its character traits, I have drawn my conclusion. It appears that both vehicles are of the Hyundai persuasion. From my perspective, it appears that the SUV is the Tucson’s facelift while the smaller vehicle I am having difficulty placing. 


What do YOU think it is, Spies? Weigh in on the comments below.

SPIED! Mystery Cars in SoCal

SPIED on the STREET: Not ONE, But TWO, Mystery Cars Spied On Major SoCal Freeway — Place Your Bets!

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