There are few cars that really speak to my youth. But the few that do bring an instantaneous surge of nostalgia. 

I love when it happens, every time. 

One of the cars that do that is the Jaguar XJR-15. But, there's so few of them that I never have seen one. Nor heard one. And, honestly, I didn't know much about it because it's just not a critical car. Especially when compared to the XJ220. 

Its legacy is eerily similar to the Ferrari F50. It followed up on a motoring legend, is more raw and pure than its predecessor and it's not as well liked.

But the folks at Petrolicious distributed a video this week and I am thinking it may be one of their best yet. 

Take a peek below and weigh in.

In this week’s Made to Drive episode we fold ourselves into the cockpit of Jasbir Dhillon’s 1991 Jaguar XJR-15 to experience one of the rarest and rawest supercars built in the 20th century. Aimed at transferring the Le Mans-winning XJR experience to the road, just 53 examples of the XJR-15 were produced with the help of Tom Walkinshaw under the banner of Jaguar Sport, and only 27 were optioned for road use. Powered by a beautifully shrill six-liter V12, it’s a lesser known but no less sexy staple of 1990s supercardom, and one of the finest examples of a “race car for the road,” of any decade.

VIDEO: A Jaguar Quite Unlike Any Other — The XJR-15 In ACTION In Tennessee

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