Any BMW enthusiast would tell you straight away that right now it's a bit concerning watching the blue and white in action. That's because it seems like the beloved Bavarians aren't sticking to their original ideals. 

The latest proof point is that the company is continuing its push forward with the release of front-wheel drive vehicles. 

Joining the FWD X1 sDrive28i will be the X2 sDrive28i. According to reports it will arrive in showrooms a couple of months after the all-wheel drive X2 hits showrooms in March. 

Although studies have shown that the average goose isn't even aware of the wheels driving their automobile, it's always been a sticking point for enthusiasts that their vehicles are not "wrong wheel drive."

As expected with an entry-level, FWD X2, pricing will be about $2,000 less than the AWD X2. This suggests the FWD X2's base price will be around $36,400*. 

*Price is not official, purely an estimate based on the X2 xDrive28i that does not include title, taxes and fees. 

...That awd model, the X2 xDrive28i, powered by a 228-hp, 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, was BMW's showcase vehicle at the Detroit auto show last week. Coming later in the spring will be the X2 sDrive28i, the fwd variant, said John Kelly, product manager with BMW of North America.

Although the X2, with its raked-back coupe styling, is slightly smaller than BMW's X1 entry-level model, it will cost more. The awd X2 will start at $39,395 including shipping, about $2,500 more than the equivalent X1. The fwd X2 will cost about $2,000 less than the awd model, Kelly said...

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BMW's Front-wheel Drive Push Continues With The X2, Hits Showrooms In 1H 2018

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