Over the past 12 months, it seems that ABC's Jimmy Kimmel, host of the late night television talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live! has been elevating his presence in Hollywood. Having had the chance to host the Oscars in 2017, he's lined up to do the honors again in 2018. 

Things were going well. Until now, that is.

On Thursday morning, Kimmel was making an illegal left turn in front of the A-list hangout, the Chateau Marmot, when he came into contact with an Audi A3/S3. Unfortunately, it doesn't look good for either car. 

Having driven through that intersection many times myself, I have to say that it is a particularly dangerous stretch of road. I would never make a left out of there. 

There is some good news, however. According to reports no one was injured on the scene.

...Kimmel’s BMW suffered damage to its front after a collision with another vehicle, an Audi, that forced air bags in both cars to deploy, TMZ reported.

Nobody was injured. Kimmel is set to host the Academy Awards next month in Hollywood.

The accident took place in front of the Chateau Marmont Hotel in West Hollywood...

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Late Night Show Host, Jimmy Kimmel, WRECKS His BMW In Sunset Strip Crash

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