Here we go again. 

I think it's safe to say the most controversial launch of the past 12 months is the Tesla Model 3. From the production set backs to the vehicles rolling out to customers far later than planned, it's been an interesting sight to behold. 

And things just got even more interesting.

A consulting company that specializes in doing tear downs of all-new vehicles for benchmarking purposes recently worked with another publication to show that the Model 3 isn't all it's cranked up to be. That's due to some production oddities and even some quality concerns. 

Having said that, I wanted to share the video with you and have the Spies weigh in: Are these MAJOR quality concerns for YOU or is this consultant simply NITPICKING the Model 3?

Watch the clip below and weigh in, Spies.

A lot has been written about Tesla’s Model 3. But those reports mostly come from EV enthusiasts and owners. By all accounts they love the car. But so far no one with deep experience in design, engineering and manufacturing has evaluated it, at least no publicly. That’s why we were excited to get an invitation from Sandy Munro to visit his shop and take a look at a Model 3 that he’s about to test and tear down for a competitive benchmarking study. And Sandy found a number of issues that he really doesn’t like about the car, which he pointed out to Autoline’s John McElroy. Take a look.

VIDEO: Are These MAJOR Quality Issues With The Tesla Model 3 Or Is This Consultant NITPICKING?

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