When it comes to sports cars, it's hard to argue against Ferrari. The Italians just have the right formula.

The latest and greatest from Ferrari is the new 812 Superfast. Based on the F12 Berlinetta, it's a front-engine V12 coupe that has an astounding 800 horsepower. 

So, I reckon the name "Superfast" is applicable in this case. 

That said, Ferraris are more than just simply going fast from point "A" to "B." They're about handling and having that certain "X" factor — soul. And given its all-new electric, power-assisted steering it's a bit concerning. 

Learn what Carfection's Henry Catchpole had to say about it in this video review. 

Although our time with the Ferrari 812 Superfast was brief, we still wanted to bring you a full review as well as our short film. So, here are Henry Catchpole’s thoughts at the end of the day…

DRIVEN + VIDEO: The Ferrari 812 Superfast Gets WRUNG Out On Mountain Roads, So, What's The Deal?

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