You don't have to be a viewer of The Real Housewives of New Jersey to know that its a program full of a bunch of self-entitled idiots who think they're a big deal. Unfortunately, it's become such a cultural phenomena that we're all subjected to it just a little bit. 

Even worse, I live nearby the folks featured on the RHoNJ.

One of the show's more mercurial cast members is Teresa Giudice. Prone to flipping tables and running her mouth, she's pretty much a walking stereotype of New Jersey trash. 

One would think after serving time for numerous frauds related to bankruptcy that she would be a bit more careful with her money. Nope, not even after pleading guilty to 41 counts. Her oldest child, Gia, just turned 17 and the Giudices decided that a BMW 430i would do the trick. 

The silver lining is, of course, that the kid will at least be safe in a new ride. In this neighborhood it's not uncommon to have 17-year-old kids driving around in this kind of hardware. 

Having said that, what do YOU make of it? Is this a parenting MISTAKE or something every parent would do if the funds were available?

...The matriarch also shared that what helped close the deal was the fact that she could see herself driving the vehicle around town too.

'As soon as we walked into the showroom, my eyes went right to it,' she said. 'I'm like, 'I want this car!' The reason why I really wanted to get it for her is because then I can drive it some time,' according to Bravo TV via People.

The teenager proudly shared images of her new vehicle on social media. They show off some of the high end add-ons like the moon roof and the extravagant leather detailing...

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Parenting 101 MISTAKE? Would YOU Give Your Kid An Expensive Car For Their 17th Birthday?

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