So you are toying that purchase of a new Wrangler but can't decide on last year's model at a discount or biting the bullet and paying full retail or possibly even a mark up on the all new 2018 model?

Well, that decision might have gotten a lot easier if you go online and look.  The 2018 Wranglers are just now hitting the ground and some dealers are ALREADY discounting them.  Now every market is different, but we aren't seeing why some dealers are not giving it a chance to see if they can move them out at a profit first before slashing the price.

So we are going to ask the best of the best, our readers, to take a look and see if other dealers in their area are already throwing in the towel on the new model and marking them down.

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SPIED: Think There Wouldn't Be Discounts On New Wrangler JL's At Launch? Think Again

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