If ever there was any doubt about the state of the American road trip, the latest research seems to squash it, finding that more travelers are driving hundreds of miles to explore unfamiliar places, even if they have only four or five days to do it.

That's just a snippet of an article from the Friday New York Times proclaiming American drivers still love hitting the road in their cars with a vengeance.

Although the trips are shorter than they used to be, we all still have great zeal putting the pedal to the metal to interesting  and favorite destinations.

The weekend is here Spies! Tell is if you're hitting the road to someplace fun and share with the readers your favorite go-to getaways in your neck of the woods.

And tell us why they're so special!

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GOOD NEWS FRIDAY! The American Road Trip Is Alive And Well! Where Are Your Favorite Go-To Jaunts?

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