While we’ve certainly come a far way from the recall woes of several years ago, we’ve still been getting nailed here and there. This one isn’t so big in the scheme of things; however, it’s definitely a more serious one. 
That’s because both of these campaigns involve potential fire risks with Toyota and Lexus vehicles. 
First up is the 2018 Toyota Camry. According to Toyota, some shipped Camry vehicles may have had fuel pipes and hoses not properly connected. Because of this there could be a fuel leak/spill, which in the presence of a ignition source could leave a driver with a rather heated situation. 2018 Camry owners, keep an eye out for first-class mail later in March for further instruction and the scheduling of fixes. 
Next up, Lexus’ 2015-2018 RC F, 2016-2018 GS F and 2018 LC. All of the aforementioned share components due to its 5.0-liter V8 powerplant. Adorning these high-performance autos are two — count ‘em, two — high pressure fuel pumps. According to the manufacturer their covers could be damaged resulting in a possible fuel leak, thus resulting in a fire. Toyota will be in contact with affected owners in early April and fixes will happen at, of course, no cost.

RECALL ALERT: OVER 22,000 Toyota And Lexus Vehicles Have Potential FIRE Risk

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