One all-new vehicle that’s on the market we don’t have the pleasure of receiving here in The States is the Volkswagen T-Roc. With the success of the Honda HR-V and more compact sport-utility vehicles entering the market, one would think that the VW team would want a piece of the action. 


That said, our friends abroad have been getting behind the wheel of the T-Roc and getting an impression of what this SUV is all about. So, how’s it do?


Look no further than this video review by the folks over at Carwow. From what I’ve seen of their work, their reviews are quite straightforward, and speak to the true strengths and weaknesses of vehicles. There’s no games being played here. 


So it’s no surprise to me when they point out in this clip that the T-Roc’s interior is quite poor. The materials are exceedingly cheap and not befitting of Volkswagen’s previous standard — there’s a reason I snapped up an MKVI Golf when I did, folks. 


Check out Carwow’s findings in the video below and let us know if VW’s bean counters have ruined it for VW loyalists, below!

The Volkswagen T-Roc: it's the German brand's take on the small SUV. It's got striking looks and comes in a range of eye-catching colour combinations both inside and out - but does it have the substance to match the style? I find out in this in-depth review.


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