You had to know that when Bugatti introduced its standard, road-going Chiron that it wouldn't be the only variant up for grabs. Bugatti, ultimately, is all about its ability to break speed records. 

It's time for the Chiron to step up to the plate. 

Although the standard vehicle is very capable in its own respect, the reality is that it could be a bit more focused. And that's where the more hardcore version comes into play.

While we do not have any official word on what Volkswagen's Bugatti will be sharing with the glob, we think it's pretty obvious. In a teaser clip put out via social media, Bugatti notes that it is "Further shaping our category." 

More power, better aerodynamic tricks and an all-new speed record certainly would reset all the benchmarks. So, what do YOU think Bugatti will be revealing in only a few hours' time?

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#GIMS: TEASED! Bugatti Has SOMETHING Up Its Sleeve For Geneva, WHAT Could It Be?

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