The main man behind AutoSpies, Agent 001, always is searching for interesting vehicles. While prowling the San Diego-based Craigslist, he came across a favorite of mine. Knowing this, he sent it to me. It was an E38 BMW 7-Series. 

But it wasn't your standard classified ad. 

Filled with expletives and allusions of grandeur, it read more like a bad Seth Rogen comedy. You know, one of those films that revolves around pot and what not. 

I have to admit though, there are a few lines in here that got me to chuckle.

Having said that, I was curious: Do FUNNY classified ads work? Do they make you MORE interested in the vehicle for sale? is NOT affiliated with the seller in ANY way. Caveat emptor, Spies!

yooooooo, I got this Gucci ass 740I 
Shits lit son.  
124k on the clock, most of which been gettin thotties wet and snappin mf necks.  

Bc extreme low coilovers so you can scrape the ground while your haters girlfriends dome you up. 
Powerful with huge brakes so you can accelerate AND stop with a car full of thicc Latinas.
Automaticcc so you can use your right hand to shoot at these ops.
Tittle in hand and cleaner than these hoes that'll do you dirty round here. 

Shoot me an offer, worst I can do is get extremely depressed about the lack of worth in my life and hang my self in the closet. 

Comes with floaties so you don't DROWN IN ALL THE BITCHES

4k obo I need money to get my drug empire going. 
But will trade for an s chassis or rx7 and a rough hand job behind trader Joe's. 
Also looking for a Rover. Have cash to add. 

A good s chassis. Lol, like that shit exist. 
Don't @ me

Txt me tho

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NSFW: Do FUNNY Craigslist Classifieds Help SELL Cars?

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