Officially called e-fuel, the new substance will be made available in both e-gasoline and e-diesel versions sometimes in the distant future. The fuel is, in fact, a liquid isooctane produced from biomass in a two-step process.

The fuel is manufactured by combining gaseous isobutene with hydrogen. What comes out at the other end of the ensuing chemical reaction is a fuel that is, says Audi, free of sulfur and benzene. Having created enough for a test run, Audi engineers are currently testing the solution to check for combustion and emission performances.

The little thing that might turn the fate of the entire planet around is that, according to the Germans, sufficient research might make it possible to produce e-gasoline pretty much out of thin air, using only CO2 and hydrogen as source materials.

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Audi Begins Testing Engines Burning Fossil Free e-gasoline Bio-Fuel

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