As one of the first-generation Volkswagen Touareg owners to buy — stupidly — the first model year, I have a lot of love for the Touareg.

It was a brilliant machine, when it worked.

So, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise how disappointed I was when I got behind the wheel of the second-generation Touareg. Everything seemed like the bean counters got to it. It lacked that certain X-factor, which the first-gen product had.

All-new Volkswagen Touareg

Perhaps the third time's a charm?

Revealed at the end of this week was the all-new Volkswagen Touareg. But before we show you the snaps of it fully uncovered, we wanted to share with you images VW shared with us of the car covered up.

What's interesting to note is that VW shot these promotional pictures of the vehicle in eastern Europe. It includes Slovakia, Latvia, Russia and, I believe, Poland. There's several reasons why this set of images spoke to me:

1) I am of eastern European descent and some of the landscapes are gorgeous — always nice to see the homeland;
2) When Agent 001 talks about the automotive business, some of his most fond memories are from the Mercedes-Benz Paris to Beijing rally — this one's for you, 001! And...
3) Volkswagen knows what it's doing here — the Touareg is the sport-utility vehicle they want to sell in the emerging markets.

Stay tuned for the next thread where we'll show you the all-new Touareg in its fully revealed glory.

All-new Volkswagen Touareg

BEFORE The Reveal, Volkswagen Shares DOZENS Of Pictures Of The All-new Touareg

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