I remember it like it was yesterday. I was sitting on a trading floor listening to the squawk box and it was clear "Stay away from Lehman. It's going down!"

That year, the macroeconomic environment changed. Although I don't think it's safe to say, forever.

As the marketers entered a severe downturn, auto manufacturers were hit. Hard. This is mostly because of their product mix being so heavily tilted towards gas guzzling sport-utility vehicles and gas prices were skyrocketing. The few buyers out there ran towards cars like the Toyota Prius and MINI Cooper.

It's hard to believe looking at what buyers want today, though. That's because SUVs are the king of the road and on showroom floors. No one wants a sedan anymore. You essentially have big daddy SUVs/trucks, sports cars and hybrids/EVs.

As a result, there's been all-new niches created to extend the life of sedans (e.g., the four-door coupe).

And at every auto show Agent 001 and I discuss the state of cars versus SUVs. Essentially, 001 thinks they're dead. I like to think that sedans will continue to exist. So, here we are.

What say you, Spies?

WHICH cars on the market today still excite YOU, and WHY?

The GREAT Debate: Everyone Wants SUVs. WHICH Cars Still Excite You, And WHY?

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