It's been less than a year since I picked up my BMW M2 from BMW of Manhattan. And, to be straightforward, I am totally in love with my M2. Frankly, it can do no wrong.

But it was only the other day that news broke from the blue and white. The much rumored about M2 Competition has finally come out from hiding.

So, what's that mean?

Well, there's quite a bit, if I am honest. Most importantly, the M2 Competition receives the M4's engine and it will be good for about 405 horsepower. And then come the rest of the additions that include things like the M3/M4's seats, an upgraded instrument panel, new wheel and tire package, what appears to be an optional carbon ceramic big brake kit, a slight redesign on the facade and M mirrors — finally.

But is the juice worth the squeeze? According to swirling rumors it will cost an additional $10,000 USD just to get into the game. That's putting it right up there next to the price of an all-new M4 if that is true.

That said, I wanted to see what the Spies had to say about the matter: Is it time to trade up, or is it better to just stick with the standard M2?

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