Out of the plethora of vehicles I've been lucky to drive, there's a few that really stand out among the pack. Many of them are über cars.

In other words, the pinnacle of performance or the top dogs when it comes to luxury.

But if you're not willing to part with six figures from your bank account, what are you to do? I have the answer for you, provided you're looking for a vehicle with amazing handling characteristics and a top-down motoring experience.

My friends, I would point you to the Porsche Boxster Spyder. That's because it gives you the thrill of a lifetime and the exotic experience without having to put a kidney on the black market. While the vehicle is currently not available on the market, that will change soon. Porsche will be revealing an updated version in short order.

We've been following the development of the revamped Cayman GT4 as well as the Boxster Spyder, and it seems we're close to the end of the road. That's because the latest spy shots show the Boxster Spyder with ZERO camouflage.

Things that are different include the revised front valence with larger vents for cooling purposes, more aggressive rockers, an updated rear diffuser with an integrated, dual exhaust, and a larger rear spoiler for increased downforce.

When it comes to power, the latest indicates it will feature a six-cylinder unit. We're sure it'll get a slight increase in power and a boost in fuel efficiency.

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