As a big BMW fan, I've been monitoring the rebirth of the legendary 8-Series. While I guess one could argue that it technically happened with the i8, not to me it didn't.

The big bodied, massively powerful BMW coupe is back. And, no, it's not a 6-Series.

Or is it?

The styling is a bit, well, derivative and nothing — so far — has made itself really make me lust for the all-new 8-Series. But, that may change. That's because the first prototype reviews are starting to roll in from an event BMW recently held.

If you've been wondering what the next-gen 8-Series is REALLY like, wait no longer. Check out CAR's review by clicking the link below. Just to whet your appetite, here's the verdict from its prototype drive.

What say you, Spies? Is it checking all the right boxes for you?

The 8-series just felt like a seriously well-sorted sports car – comfortable in a straight line yet resistant to body roll thanks to its clever suspension, with none of the confidence-sapping understeer you’d expect in a big all-wheel drive coupe.

We’ve not experienced such a broad spread of chassis and drivetrain characteristics before either – without overegging it the 8 series feels like two different cars depending on whether it was in Comfort or Sport+.

We’ll reserve final judgement until we’ve driven a finished article in right-hand drive configuration, but for now at least, it seems the BMW 8 series Coupe’s more expensive rivals could be in for a rude surprise.

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DRIVEN: The BMW 8-Series Is Back, Just NOT How You May Have Remembered It, Or Wanted It...

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