One of the biggest BMW events of the year is Bimmerfest held in southern California. A place for Bimmerphiles to meet and express their love for the blue and white, it's become a home for all things BMW.

That includes the wacky, incredible, gorgeous, hideous and extreme builds. There's something for everyone at this event and 2018 was not any different from the usual.

Bimmerfest 2018

We know this as Agent 001 was on site to capture the scene at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana. As the BMW community continues to expand, you can see there's loyalists from all walks of life and ages.

Obviously, this means what's considered AWESOME and AWFUL is different.

That said, leaf through 001's pictures below and let us know the BMWs that speak to you.

Bimmerfest 2018

BIMMERFEST 2018: More HOT Shots From The BMW Extravaganza — WHICH Rides Are You Feeling?

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