One vehicle that's had the Agent's attention is the Honda Civic Type R. There's a couple reasons for this.

First, it does look unique. Second, it is the company's first time offering the Type R stateside.

Given that buyers are pumped up for hot hatches in form of the Ford Focus RS and Volkswagen Golf R, it only made sense for Honda to throw its hat in the ring with its legendary Type R.

While we expect reviewers to enjoy their one week with the car, we're a bit more interested in how it holds up long term. Is it punishing? Is it a gem? Is it reliable?

All the things one would need to consider before purchasing one of these high-performance Civics. Click over for the latest update or see the excerpt pulled from CAR's latest log entry.

...For me, what makes the Civic such a satisfying car to drive are its control weights and touch points - there’s plenty of feel through the brake pedal, the clutch and gearshift are perfectly weighted, and the steering rack is geared just-so. All that means you can enjoy the car at almost any speed - it’s almost as much fun to drive slowly as it is quickly, picking the perfect line through a corner and enjoying the instant response from the steering, lack of body roll, and yet supple ride quality. I suspect the Type R’s dampers are quite expensive...

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DRIVEN: Just How GOOD or BAD Is A Honda Civic Type R When You Have It LONG TERM?

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