One of the great things about automobiles is that you can truly make them your own. Much like how consumers personalize their mobile phones, it's common for buyers of today's vehicles to make their vehicles uniquely theirs. While there's always been an aftermarket, it just seems as big and diverse as ever.

And since the rise of the wrap, there's been a dizzying amount of creativity when it comes to a vehicle's livery.

Unique minds have taken inspiration from just about everywhere to apply a new look to a car. It could come from a hot sneaker to military-style airplanes to even memes. If you can think it up, a wrap can be applied.

With that level of one to one personalization though, there is a byproduct. That would be awful ideas that become reality. One example would be the application of military green to all sorts of vehicles that it simply doesn't make sense.

I've seen military green Mercedes-Benz S-Classes, Sprinters and Cadillac Escalades. We've seen Chris Brown's Lamborghini become inspired by the look of his Nike Foamposites, which resulted in an all-new camouflage look. And then there's a flurry of automobiles that take on a "roughed up" look to them with exposed rivets, "faded" paint and "damaged" panels because it is deemed cool.

So, I've got to ask: Of all the latest paint trends, WHICH one is the worst right now?

WHICH Latest Paint Trend Do YOU Think Is The Absolute WORST Right Now?

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