Over the years I've racked up many, many miles. And with all that time on the road, more often than not, it seems like police officers just aren't around enough to catch people behaving badly behind the wheel.

As Agent 009 posted in an earlier story, an Indiana police officer went viral after pulling over a vehicle that was occupying the left lane and impeding traffic flow. According to the ticketing officer, about 20 vehicles were caught up behind the left lane hog.

This got me thinking: What are the things YOU see on the road that cops should be more vigilant of?

While I am sure a lot of folks notice a ton of texting while driving, I am interested to hear about what else is going on out there on the black top. Take, for example, overfilled cars. Lately I've been coming across a lot of vehicles on the New Jersey Turnpike that have more occupants than there are seat belts. It's a fatal accident just waiting to happen.

So, Spies, weigh in below. Let us know what cops should be more on top of when ticketing offenders.

Where Is A Cop When YOU Need One? What Things Should Cops Be Pulling People Over For But Don't?

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