When it comes to American brands, it's clear that two things are selling: High-performance vehicles and sport-utility vehicles/trucks. Everything else is, more or less, kind of just...there.

While some American brands have been doing pretty well, we've watched others struggle. RAM is on the rise while Chrysler is on the fall. Ford continues to reinvent itself while Lincoln claws for buyer's attention.

And, General Motors? It's middle of the road.

We've been waiting for Cadillac's breakout moment and so far it doesn't seem like it's there yet. Even if the Ciel or Elmiraj were to be made today they're irrelevant. SUVs are where business is at right now.

That's why we find it interesting that leaked patent images depict a Cadillac coupe. Boasting a Camaro-like presence and styling a la Escala, it's a move away from Art & Science — thankfully.

There's a chance we could see a reveal of something at this year's Pebble Beach event; however, there's no guarantees. I wish the XT4 had been more thrilling along the lines of this coupe but, unfortunately, it's now how that product panned out.

Having said that, we're curious, Spies: IF Cadillac is working on this all-new coupe, what does it NEED to SUCCEED in the all-new luxury market?

LEAKED! An All-new Cadillac Coupe *MAY* Be On The Way — What's It NEED To SUCCEED?

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