According to reports, it sounds like Bugatti is upping its Chiron. Both in terms of performance as well as cost.

The latest indicates that Bugatti recently held a private event in New York. The purpose? To show off an all-new Chiron variant dubbed the Divo. Although the standard Chiron was recently complemented by a Chiron Sport, that's just not enough.

For those seeking more, the Divo will step things up a notch but it's not exactly clear how.

From the sounds of it, the vehicle will accelerate faster than the Chiron Sport but have a lower top speed. Duh. More downforce, which translates into more of a track-prepared Chiron. In addition, that means the Chiron will go on a diet and even go as far as having a racing gearbox installed

If the word on the street is true, that means it will cost nearly $6 million dollars and all of the allocated 100 units have been accounted for. Unfortunately, if you you have to be "in the club" to play this kind of ball.

...Compared to the Chiron Sport, the Divo will have a lower top speed – 385 km/h or 239 mph to be exact. This indicates that the car might have more downforce. However, acceleration will be a lot quicker. To put this in perspective, the Chiron Sport hits 62 mph in 2.5 seconds. 0-124 mph comes up in 6.5 seconds.

Less than 100 units of the Chiron Divo will be built and apparently, all have been spoken for. Sources tell us that the car costs €5 million ($5.8 million) before options – that’s double the price of the Chiron Sport...

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