I feel like a broken record but I have to mention it. It's patently obvious that in today's world, buyer's are clamoring for sport-utility vehicles and trucks.

Oh, and the Tesla Model 3. That's not particularly important, however.

That's because I want to discuss Toyota's sales of several SUV/truck models. That's because there's something telling going on here.

Take, for example, the newer and edgier Toyota C-HR. So far in 2018 Toyota has only sold just over 26,000 units of the relatively inexpensive SUV. On the other hand, the not so refined, truck-y and not-so-cheap Toyota 4Runner is doing quite well. So far in 2018 the 4Runner has moved nearly 65,000 vehicles.

What does that tell you, Spies?

Maybe this wlll move you: The Toyota Highlander sold just over 114,000 units. Now remember, the Highlander provides a car-like experience but it has way more space and utility over the other offerings.

So, I've got to wonder: What do these 1H 2018 sales results tell you about Toyota and SUVs/Trucks in general?

AUTO SALES: Toyota's 4Runner Outpaces The C-HR Sales By ~2.5x YTD, Highlander Nearly DOUBLES 4Runner Sales YTD — What's THIS Tell You?

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