Years ago when the first-gen Audi A7 debuted, the vehicle caught a lot of flack. Simply put, many critics weren't getting onboard with its fastback styling.

We, on the other hand, gave it a style award.

And, boy, did its sales take off. There was a point in time where A7s were everywhere. That wasn't a bad thing, either. Now we're presented with a second-generation A7 and it's interesting.

That's because its exterior design hasn't changed much but its interior is a full revision. Now instead of a button-centric interior, it's gone fully digital with screens all over. That's not necessarily a bad thing as I discovered recently in the all-new Range Rover Velar.

It just takes some getting used to.

Having said that, scope out this review of the 2019 A7 by Carwow. It may just convince you to give the all-new A7 a shot.

This is the new Audi A7. It’s a stylish coupe that comes with a liftback tailgate to offer you a huge amount of room in the back. It’s a great option to have considering the price tag attached to the car, so are the likes of the infotainment system and driving quality also top of the range? Keep watching to find out!

DRIVEN + VIDEO: The All-new Audi A7 Is HERE — Is It The NEXT Level Four-door Coupe We've Been Hoping For?

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