If you've been keeping track of McLaren and what it's been up to, you would be aware that the manufacturer best known for its Formula 1 efforts is resurrecting a proper F1 successor. Don't get me wrong, the P1 was interesting but it wasn't exactly done in the F1's steed.

The all-new BP23, as it's been codenamed, is different. That's because from the sounds of it, this vehicle will be built with the same ethos in mind as the F1.

Now dubbed the Speedtail, we're finding out a bit more information.

Take, for example, the confirmation that it will be hybridized. Also that it will have a greater top speed than the legendary F1. And, lastly, that it will be built for long-distance travel and have plenty of room for luggage.

In other words, it will be a world-class automobile built to be well rounded and not just with one intention in mind: Setting an outrageous lap record.

Stay tuned, according to reports we'll see it before 2018 clicks over to 2019.

McLaren's BP23 hyper-GT now has a proper name: the Speedtail. The British supercar maker announced the official name today while confirming some other details of the new car, which should arrive in 2020 – four years after the car was first announced. 

The company has confirmed the new car will feature a driver-focused, central seating position with room for two passengers behind on either side, just like the seminal F1. Only 106 of the cars will be produced at a cost of £1.6 million plus taxes, and we should get to see it before the year is out...

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TEASED! The Upcoming Flagship McLaren Gets A NAME And All-new Info Comes To Light

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