I recently reconnected with an old friend from high school. He was a notorious car freak and still is today. But, we differ in two BIG ways.

First off, he's a tuner. A stock vehicle will just not suffice for my friend. I, on the other hand, am a big believer in keeping cars as close to OEM as possible. Sure, I may swap out the standard, leather steering wheel for an Alcantara one, but that will not affect the performance or perceived reliability.

Second, as we've been talking cars lately there's an evident difference in how we approach sports cars — our one true love. My friend is all about speed. Frankly, nothing else really matters. My perspective is different. I prefer more well-rounded products that deliver an experience.

For example, when discussing cars we'd like to own at some point, he reminisced about the Ultima GTR while I thought back to the Ferrari 360 Modena. Rather than have an interior befitting of an arcade game and lighting fast speed, I'd prefer a Tubi or Capristo V8 symphony and the snick-snick of a gated manual 'box.

Different strokes for different folks.

All that said, I've got to ask: What's MORE important to YOU? The NUMBERS or the EXPERIENCE?

When It Comes To Sports Cars, What's MORE Important To YOU? The NUMBERS Or The EXPERIENCE?

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