I remember it like it was yesterday. Mercedes-Benz came out and introduced to the US market a proper entry-level Mercedes product that wasn't similar to the God awful C230 Kompressor hatchback. Dubbed the CLA-Class, it was an all-new Mercedes for an all-new generation.

And it was a smashing success.

2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class

Echoing the design philosophy of the larger CLS-Class sedan, CLAs soon were everywhere. But, that doesn't mean that critics were singing the CLA's praises. In fact, they were, by and large, against it. The four-cylinder motor caught flack and then the interior was universally panned.

But when I drove it, I thought it did everything a sub $30,000 three-pointed star should do. Deliver a better than average mark across the board — driving dynamics, interior, style, etc. Was it something I would buy? Never. That didn't mean it was a failure though.

Now we're introduced to the all-new A-Class, which will carry the CLA's torch. Equipped with a much more streamlined exterior design and a fully revised interior, we're wondering what YOU think.

Did the Germans NAIL IT this time? Did they miss? What say you, Spies?

2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class

The All-new Mercedes A-Class Is HERE — Did The Germans NAIL IT This Time?

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