For those of you new to AutoSpies, I am like many folks who live in the New York Tri-State region. I live outside of Manhattan and I commute into town for work. It's not exactly easy given the public transportation system is in tatters and traffic is some of the worst in the country, but it is what defines the rat race that is New York.

And it might just get worse.

With the advent of apps such as Uber and Lyft, the traditional means of getting around have been disrupted. As one would expect, the city has decided to take action. Probably not in the way one would expect. Rather than properly invest in fixing the city's infrastructure or by getting creative with the taxi & limousine commission, it has decided to do something else.

Cap the issuance of new for-hire vehicle licenses for 12 months as it takes the time to study what's going on, exactly. In addition, another bill passed to initiate a $15/hour "living wage," for drivers.

This is as simple as supply/demand economics. Less drivers = higher prices. Not to mention a regulated $15/hour living wage will get passed along to riders to cover the cost.

As an Uber power user, I'm quite familiar with the application. You should see the surge pricing that takes the city by hold when demand is elevated — this is guaranteed not to get better now. And while the city may want to blame apps for congestion, what about all the new infrastructure changes, like installing plazas where main thoroughfares used to exist, installing parking where driving lanes used to exist and initiating permanent bus lanes on major cross streets where the third and fourth lanes used to exist?

So, Spies, I've got to ask: Do YOU think a temporary cap will HELP or HURT NYC?

Reports seem to indicate that the success/failure of this move may create a ripple effect across the country.

The New York City Council voted on Wednesday in favor of a cap on the number of for-hire delivery and transportation vehicles on the city’s streets, striking a stunning blow to tech companies like Uber and Lyft.

The council voted to halt the issuance of new for-hire vehicle licenses for 12 months while it studies the booming industry. Under the cap, Uber and Lyft could still be granted licenses for wheelchair-accessible vehicles — which both companies sorely lack — but would be prevented from adding new ride-hail vehicles for one year. The city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission could also issue licenses in particular neighborhoods that are running low on ride-hail vehicles. Another bill that passed would establish a $15 living wage for drivers. The bills now go to the desk of Mayor Bill de Blasio, who has indicated his support for a cap...

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Uber And Lyft Licenses Temporarily CAPPED In NYC — Do YOU Think This HELPS or HURTS NYC?

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