Unless you're absolutely tone deaf, it's clear as day that the automotive landscape is evolving rapidly. It's as if the schism we witnessed a handful of years ago, where buyers decided they wanted sporty things, has split yet again.

Now buyers are craving anything Tesla and anything with lots of space — pick ups and sport-utility vehicles of all flavors. 

But, if you're a company like Toyota that sells in volume, how do you best adjust for that? And if you're the leader of the company's luxury division, Lexus, how do you meet the high-end customer's needs? In an interview with Autocar, the company's boss, Yoshihiro Sawa, discussed Lexus' approach.

What I think you'll all find interesting about this particular interview is how candid Sawa is. This is a "no BS" approach that is something not too often in the automotive sector. Below are two main excerpts.

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...“Our philosophy is to provide freedom of movement, so we have to develop technology on all fronts,” said Sawa. “We understand that electric is very necessary, but we can also see that full EV will not suit everyone. You can’t make an electric
Land Cruiser work, for instance, and there are people in remote parts of the world whose lives depend on that car."

“EVs currently require a long charging time and batteries that have an environmental impact at manufacture and degrade as they get older. And then, when battery cells need replacing, we have to consider plans for future use and recycling. It's a much more complex issue than the current rhetoric perhaps suggests. I prefer to approach the future in a more honest way..."

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