Ever since Tesla's CEO, Elon Musk, sent out the tweet that shook the world, it seems as though the whole situation has been as clear as mud. Well, that may change as this morning Musk released a blog post on Tesla's website to help clarify the matter.

And I'll tell you, it's one helluva dance he's doing here. It makes the Foxtrot look easy.

Read Tesla's blog post related to the tweet and going private HERE.

Rather than try to interpret Musk's words/clarification, I'd rather just let you all have a peek at the man's explanation and weigh in for us: Do YOU buy it, or is it merely a way for Musk to avoid getting put in handcuffs for a rather risky statement/tweet?

Here are some important points in my opinion:

The CEO claims that discussions about the proposal with some of the company’s largest investors have been positive.

As for the actual details of the proposal, they are still sparse, but Musk clarified that the deal would be financed through equity and not debt – meaning that the Saudi fund would buy the shares at $420 from investors who don’t want to hold shares of a private Tesla instead of financing Tesla’s own buyback of the shares, which is more common...

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BREAKING: Elon Musk Goes PUBLIC, Provides Clarification Around Going Private — Does His Story Check Out Or Are YOU Not BUYING It?

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