Congratulations—you've become a real adult. You've braved the listless wilds of your twenties, nailed down a decent career track, and somehow made it to the next financial level. You're far more mature than you were 10 years ago, and it's time for a new car to reflect that. Problem is, you just can't stop reminiscing about that clapped-out Honda Civic DX hatch you had way back in high school. How to combine these two disparate impulses?

There are no shortage of answers on the used car market, but in terms of new whips, there's precious little that can compare with the duality of the 2018 Volkswagen Golf R. Now, other hot hatchbacks are usually associated with a certain kind of person who has a certain kind of mentality—let's call it "unserious." That's not an insult, but rather a recognition that pulling up in a flamboyantly-designed Honda Civic Type R projects a slightly different image than making an entrance in the demure Golf R.

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DRIVEN: 2018 Volkswagen Golf R - A Hot Hatch For Grown-ups

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