It's hard to argue with the success of Mercedes-Benz lately, although we predicted it over 4 years ago when BMW and Audi seemed like they were the 'hot' ticket.

Their recipe of 'fresh bread' meaning screw being evolutionary with designs and shock the world with in your face, Victoria Secret style sexy products is a winner.

And the competition is feeling it. But we don't think they're getting the message.

BMW and Audi seem to be in rest mode with many of their new models.

Case in point in the flagship segment. The new S-Class is absolutely OWNING.

The 7-Series and A8 although both great cars just don't have the special sauce to make us LUST for the current stable of offerings.

Whereas, the new S-Class instantly makes you say "there's the new Mercedes S" when you see one drive by. And we think the customers spending in this realm WANT people to know they've got the latest.

It also doesn't hurt to have the best designer in the business and friend of Auto Spies currently running the show, Dr. Gorden Wagener.

And it doesn't look like MB is stopping the offensive with the 2020 model.

Rendered by the BEST in the biz, our good friend Radovan Varicak, spies tell us this is VERY close to what the finished product will look like.

So what say you Spies? Are we right on about WHY MB is making the competition lose sleep? And is the 2020 S another winner?

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SPIED! Is THIS The 2020 Mercedes-Benz S-Class?

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