It's funny.

Agent 001 and I go back and forth all week sharing images of cars. Some are amazing and others are less than stellar. Maybe I'll send 001 a picture of a duct tape mod and we'll have a laugh. Perhaps he'll ping me of a Porsche 959 he saw wandering around the neighborhood. Or, I'll snap a picture of a brand new Audi A7 doing testing when it's not even out yet.

And then there's a series of images we put into the "Why?" category. These are vehicles that are nice vehicles on their own, however, their owners decided to do something questionable, or downright heinous.

It's like that 2011 Mercedes-Benz SL550 owner that decides to install Pep Boys-sourced chrome trim kit to the car. It doesn't particularly add anything to the vehicle but the owner did it because they dug it.

Or, maybe it's a Liberty Walk kit added to an Audi RS5. While this trend has been on the upswing, I can't imagine that it provides any real benefit. That's because it adds weight and I am pretty sure it is not aerodynamically sound. What are the chances that Liberty Walk spent more time doing wind tunnel testing with the RS5 than Audi to ensure the RS5's coefficient of drag is BETTER with the kit added on?

My hopes aren't high.

Having said that, I've got to ask: Why are SO many people ruining great cars with sh!t add ons?

Why Are SO Many People RUINING Great Cars With Sh!t Add Ons?

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