That's right, Agent 001 was on the scene tonight in the Bay Area. His mission? To deliver you the very best photos from the reveal of the all-new Audi e-tron SUV.

Being seen for the very first time, this global debut is a BIG moment for the four rings. That's because it's delivering a fully electrified sport-utility vehicle in Q2 2019.

Audi e-tron SUV

READ the Audi e-tron SUV's press release here!

As to be expected, Audi has leveraged some of the design language seen in its latest e-tron concept vehicles. If you're left wondering, according to 001, the vehicle is a bit larger than the current-gen A4 Allroad.

Make your way through the first LIVE pictures from tonight's event. 001 made sure to snap away as Audi delved into the vehicle's details. Staying true to the Agent's form, he caught the vehicle from all angles to give you the best idea of how it will look.

Fully refundable, $1,000 reservations for the 2019 e-tron SUV can be made here.

Audi e-tron SUV

LIVE From The Bay Area, The Agents Bring YOU The BEST Shots From The Launch Of The Audi e-tron SUV

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