If you look at the history of President Trump, one thing is pretty clear. He's always had tight business relations with the Saudi's and other middle east allies. And they REALLY like him. Because he's driven by money and a shrewd businessman like them.

Just look at how they treated him when he made his first visit as President. Nowhere has he been treated better.

And since those meetings, although there have been some terror attacks, it seems like they have them on the run and the attacks aren't as severe.

But at the same time we keep making more oil (now the biggest producer in the world as of a recent news story) yet gas prices haven't really gone down alot.

Which got me thinking...

Could it be Trump has secretly promised them to protect their profits IN EXCHANGE for them keeping the ISIS insanity factory in check?

Not only would it make sense, but it seems like a fair deal to me. We pay a little more for gas and they do the job on their end and they tamp down quickly on anything brewing there. And they feed intelligence to us about any potential threats in the works for the USA.

Now let me say I have ZERO evidence of this but my instinct tells me I'm on to something here.

What say you Spies? Is my theory a distinct possibility or Brietbart/InfoWars worthy?

Spies discuss...

Has Trump Secretly Promised Middle East Allies Higher Gas Prices In Exchange For Them Keeping The Radicals In Check There?

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