Durability is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a car. For the vast majority of consumers, buying new cars on impulse is not a financially or logistically feasible option. And for those who own a single car, a breakdown can be a major disruption to a daily commute or travel plans.

The automotive data and research site has compiled a list of the 10 vehicles that are most likely to last for 200,000 miles. The website compiled the list by looking at more than 13.5 million used cars, from model years 1981 through 2017, that were sold in 2017 and tracking which models were most likely to have at least 200,000 miles at the time of sale.

Here are the top ten. The lower the number, the higher the percentage of that model crossing the 200k threshold in resales.

10. Honda Odyssey

9.   Toyota Avalon

8.   Toyota Tacoma

7.   GMC Yukon

6.   Chevrolet Tahoe

5.   GMC Yukon XL

4.   Toyota 4Runner

3.   Chevrolet Suburban

2.   Ford Expedition

1.   Toyota Sequoia

Are you surprised?

What vehicles did you think would be there that are not?

Which vehicles have you owned that crossed 200k or were most trouble free?

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Can You Guess The TEN Most Likely Vehicles That You Can Count On To Get At Least 200k Miles?

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